PappilonPappilon Business CoachingPappilon, French for “Butterfly” , is growth and development from the lava and caterpillar who thought it was the end and turned into a butterfly.

PappilonPappilon  is an autobiography is Charrière's nickname, deriving from a butterfly tattoo inscribed on his chest. The novel details Pappilon's incarceration and subsequent escape.  Pappilon has been described as "The greatest adventure story of all time" and "A modern classic of courage and excitement” He rose above his situation and his imprisonment and freed himself.

PappilonPappilon is a tribute to my life and business partner who passed on in 2012. Our yacht was Pappilon and he inspired me to live life on purpose with passion and to “live, learn, laugh, love and to leave a legacy.”

The most successful people and businesses have a coach.

Shouldn’t you have a coach?

If you have dreams and goals, PAPPILON  LIFE COACHING  will inspire and encourage you and help you to free yourself from the captivity of your current circumstances or of your mind?

BUSINESS COACHING involves an independent assessment of the business strategy, facilitation of an action plan to achieve set objectives, goals and profitability

Often change and growth requires not only motivation but training and development.  PAPPILON TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT offers interventions to excel in important areas of one’s self and business.

Life Coaching...

for individuals who want to be the best that they can be.

“Just when the caterpillar thought it was the end, it turned into a butterfly.”

The process is designed to:-

  • revive and restore the individual’s dreams, to dream big
  • activate an action plan in order to realize the objectives and
  • ensure the achievement of goals.

Business Coaching...

process is

  • to determine and analyse the current status of the business
  • to provide the action plan to move the business to where the Owner / Shareholders want the business to be
  • improve productivity, profitability and the required return on their investment.

Training & Skills Development...

  • is critical to individual, organization and community growth and sustainability.
  • is to partner with every client to make training and skills development “work” and an asset.
  • Our A-Z initiatives are outcome based.

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Life coaching is your opportunity to take your life from good to great! Pappilon coaching will pave the way for you to follow your dream and achieve success!..

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Happy Heritage Day! http://www.pappilon-lifelearning.co.za #LifeCoaching #BusinessCoaching #TrainingAndSkillsDevelopment

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