Life Coaching

Life Coaching

She heard a voice saying that she could not sing…so she silenced that voice and sang.

“I was told that my child would never finish school, play sport or be able to drive a car because of a disability and learning challenges.  My “child” has an honours degree , drives a car, plays sport and is a cricket umpire and sports statistician.”

Silence the voices of fear and can’t to faith and can and will and done!

“She got herself a Coach and lost 27kg and changed her life in 16 weeks.”

If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

“She was an unwanted child, she survived most forms of abuse, more than one divorce, an unwanted unplanned pregnancy, retrenchment, dismissal, more than one suicide attempt, the loss of loved ones. She overcame suicidal depression and a mood disorder.  She saw light again in the darkness. She got herself a Life Coach.”

She has more than one degree, a successful career, amazing successful children and grandchildren, she loves life.

I personally have 5 Life Coaches – one for every goal and dream…

MIND:  To be an International Motivational Speaker and Trainer – my Coach is the World’s Number 1 Coach JT Foxx and also Reggie Batts.


To achieve my Goal Weight and Fitness – my coach is Kelfit Gals Kelly Stegen an international Lifestyle Coach.

To run the Comrades – my coach is a specialist running coach Sole Buddies athlete Christine Barrow

MONEY:I am now debt free. I now have a budget which I manage, I save and I invest. I am accountable to my chosen mentor and coach – an accountant and confidante.

MEANING: I get specialists to co-author my books and to give input into my life.

MEMORIES: I plan my next travel destination – Los Angeles in November and adventure – Zip Line and get advice from a chosen Travel agent and chat to people that have done the trip before.

Don’t you need a life coach?

Don’t you deserve a life coach?

Get yourself a life coach!

Watch this Space for the progress and results of 12 ladies – for 12 weeks from the 1st June 2017 – 24th August 2017 committed to a weight loss and lifestyle change and to achieve non weight related goals.