From Fat and Flat to Fab15 ladies have taken up the challenge to experiment with Life Coaching alongside the Kelfit Lifestyle “Winter Challenge”, innovated by Kelly Stegen offering prizes for the best transformation in 8 weeks.

Here is what two of the ladies have to say:-

“This program has not only been helping me to stay focused to lose weight but it’s as thou my mindset has changed my vision board is starting to come to life little at a time.

Just today we went to the beach hubby fished and the kids and i went for a 25-minute stroll along the shore we made sand cakes chased each other had our snacks mini picnic and i had the greatest of joy knowing that i finally had my me time with my babies not the everyday chores that i do for them this was quality me time i had the energy to keep up with my babies and share priceless moments in the sun with them. Thank u every week is a new change that changes me inside out and I’m loving it.  God bless u”

Life Coaching“U have no idea how much u have already changed my outlook. U have already taught me to rather focus on the positive and not the negative. So much so that even my colleagues were surprised by my reaction to the news we received this week. I can be very vocal about my objections but instead of seeing the negative I focused on what good could come of it and it changed my perspective completely. So thank u so much!!!!   I am so excited about the coming weeks. I can’t wait to see what else u have in store for us all. “ If you would like to enter the challenge, it’s not too late.

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Watch this space for the results at the end of the 8 week challenge in August.