Exciting Insight Into Leadership At The Durban Chamber Of Commerce HR Forum

Durban Chamber of CommerceBrenda Ekstein challenged the traditional views on Autocratic Leadership by title and who you know and what you do to “Who you are”.  My personal understanding of the difference between Management and Leadership is that Managers force people, one way or another, to do what they don’t really want to do.  Leaders inspire, motivate and encourage others to do what they never thought they could do.

New Leadership “Collective styles” are collaborative, elective and involve networking using the combined strengths of the team and not just an individual. It is always “being ahead of the pack” knowing your own and the team’s strengths and weaknesses and being mindful.

There was hot debate about whether Leaders are born or made and it doesn’t really matter, in my opinion, but true leaders always challenge the status quo, think out the box and never give up!

Bradley, from Bruniquel & Associates (Pty) Ltd, presented a value adding and interesting talk on understanding the difference between responsibility and authority.

Leaders need to give their team members responsibility and being willing to delegate and let people make choices beyond the fear of losing control and making mistakes. Leaders need to unleash the potential within the team.

Leaders facilitate Decision making processes and allow individuals and their teams to make choices by:-

  1. Being informed and informing
  2. Setting the example
  3. Making a difference
  4. Have an impact
  5. Courage to stand by values
  6. Be willing to take risks
  7. Be willing to accept change
  8. Let Go
  9. Set Boundaries – within which the team has freedom to operate
  10. Earn and show Respect.

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