Pappilon Business Coaching

Business CoachingPappilon Business Coaching is a one stop Business Consultancy to make business enterprises more productive and profitable. We consolidate the shareholders’ vision and required return on investment into a Strategy with an Implementation Action Plan.

This process can be applied to start-up or existing businesses.

Business Coaching

Our Business Coaching process is to determine and analyse the current status of the business  and to provide the action plan to move the business to where the Owner/ Shareholders want the business to be in terms of productivity, profitability and the required return on their investment.

Process Flow

  1. Assessment of Current Status vs Desired Goal
  2. SWOT Analysis
  3. Vision – Mission – Core Values
  4. Goal and Objectives
  5. Strategic Plan
    1. Financial Strategy
    2. Business Development Strategy:  Marketing and Sales
    3. Operations Strategy
    4. Human Resources Strategy (Human Resources /Training and Skills Development)
  6. Risk Strategy - ”You can’t manage what you can’t measure” Drawing an Action Plan goal focussed with specific measurable objectives and assessment of results where management will be held responsible and accountable for their portfolio and results.
    1. Monthly reporting tool – snapshot
    2. Celebrating Success - Feedback
    3. Contingency Plans - Review