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Business Coaching

Aspire to Inspire before you Expire. Go Big or Go Home! 10 STAGES TO WORLD CLASS BUSINESS Reassess / Restructure / Restore /Revive Understand the market and how customer demands change. Understand your core business and core competencies Business Strategy – Strategy without execution is useless. Product and Service Innovation Strategy Human Resource Strategy: Shared…

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Training and Skills Development

Our last Training Intervention was unpacking and implementing the PAIA at the Ndwedwe Municipality by Barbara Morton with a Master’s degree and  many years’ experience in Local Government. ALL OUR FACILITATORS ARE SPECIALISTS IN THEIR FIELD OF EXPERTISE. PROMOTION OF ACCESS TO INFORMATION ACT (PAIA) WORKSHOP WHAT IS PAIA? Its objectives and links to the…

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Life Coaching

She heard a voice saying that she could not sing…so she silenced that voice and sang. “I was told that my child would never finish school, play sport or be able to drive a car because of a disability and learning challenges.  My “child” has an honours degree , drives a car, plays sport and…

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